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Configure LACP in Qumulo Core

We strongly recommend that you reach out to Qumulo Care for additional guidance before proceeding with this configuration change.


Outlines how to configure LACP in Qumulo Core


  • Qumulo Core 2.1.5 to support 802.3ad LACP 
  • 2.5.3 and above where LACP is enabled by default
  • Command line (CLI) tools installed via API & Tools tab


As of 2.1.5 we support 802.3ad LACP which enables bonding multiple network ports together into a single logical channel to increase available bandwidth to a Qumulo node. LACP 802.3ad can be enabled via the API and supports port failover in a more seamless way than our existing active-backup configuration does.

In 2.5.3 or above, LACP is enabled by default for new clusters. If your switch ports are not configured for LACP, the interface will automatically downgrade to active-backup mode. In active-backup mode, the lower-numbered interface (primary interface) will always be used for automatic fail-back when available.

To use active-backup mode instead of LACP, run the following command: 

qq network_mod_interface --bonding-mode ACTIVE_BACKUP

For clusters created before 2.5.3, you can explicitly enable LACP using this command:

qq network_mod_interface --bonding-mode IEEE_8023AD

NOTE: Be aware that making these changes will trigger a quorum formation event while the new network bond is negotiated per node and will result in a small outage.


You should now be able to successfully configure LACP in Qumulo Core


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