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Qumulo's GitHub Open Source Community


Provides an overview of Qumulo's GitHub open source community


  • None! All of our samples are under open-source license and can be used or customized by anyone


Qumulo culture values openness and transparency, with an emphasis on sharing. We want to extend this culture to customers that use the Qumulo REST APIs by sharing samples using our APIs via GitHub. 

Our goals in sharing samples on GitHub include:

  • Make it easy for our customers new to the Qumulo REST API to understand how it works

  • Provide a good, representative cross-section of samples for common tasks including disk utilities, creating shares and storage statistics

  • Provide reference implementations for common customer sample requests such as monitoring agents and working with time series data from our clusters

  • Provide a central clearinghouse for customers who want to share their own Qumulo REST API samples with others

  • Provide guidance to customers to help ensure code quality through good coding standards and tests

Our initial group of samples are python and javascript-based, but we expect this add other languages in the future. Some of our samples include:

  • Daily Storage Reports - an example dashboard application showing cluster capacity, throughput, IOPs and more where users can view, filter and email HTML and PDF reports

  • python_notebooks - A collection of useful python scripts for use with Qumulo REST API

  • soft_quota - soft_quota script for Qumulo clusters.

  • qdu - Qumulo disk usage script


You should now have a better understanding of what's available in Qumulo's Github open source community 


Video: Qumulo's REST API Interface

QQ CLI: Comprehensive List of Commands

If you are new to Git and/or GitHub, you can learn about how to use them here.


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