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Create Users and Groups


Outlines how to create Users and Groups in Qumulo Core


  • Cluster running Qumulo Core
  • Admin access to Qumulo Core Web UI 


To manage Qumulo local users and groups, log in as the admin user to your cluster's web UI by navigating to and perform the following steps.

  • Hover over the Cluster navigation menu and select Local Users & Groups


Create a new user

  • Click the Create button under the Users list to create a new user


  • In the new user dialog, enter the desired user name and password. If you have both SMB and NFS users, input an NFS UID that matches the user's POSIX UID on their client machine.


  • Optionally, click the Groups tab and select the user's primary group, and any other groups they should belong to. Note that while a user can be a member of multiple groups, there can only be one primary group per user. 


  • Click the Create button when finished

Create a new group

  • On the Users and Groups page, click the Create button under the Groups list


  • In the new group dialog, enter the desired group name. If you will have both SMB and NFS users, input an NFS GID that matches a corresponding POSIX GID used on your client machines. Optionally, click the Members tab and add any members you wish to be a part of the new group.


  • Click the Create button when finished

You will now be able to connect to an SMB share or mount an NFS export as a Qumulo user. Keep in mind that for NFS users, the UID/GIDs of users in their Linux/Unix/Mac environment need to match the UID/GIDs used when creating users above.


You should now be able to successfully create Users and Groups in Qumulo Core


QQ CLI: Admins, Users and Groups


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