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Qumulo Safety Instructions

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Outlines the safety instructions and procedures for Qumulo


  • Qumulo supported hardware


Elevated Operating Ambient

If installed in a closed or multi-unit rack assembly, the operating ambient temperature of the rack environment may be greater than room ambient. Therefore, be sure to install the equipment in an environment where the maximum ambient temperature (Tma) does not exceed 40 degrees C.

Reduced Air Flow

Installation of the equipment in a rack or cabinet should be such that the amount of airflow required for safe operation of the equipment is not compromised.

Mechanical Loading 

Mounting of the equipment in the rack or cabinet should be such that a hazardous condition is not achieved due to uneven mechanical loading.

Circuit Overloading 

Consideration should be given to the connection between the equipment and the supply circuit. Appropriate consideration of equipment nameplate ratings should be used when addressing the effect that overloading the circuits might have on current protection and supply wiring.

Reliable Earthing 

Reliable earthing of rack-mounted equipment should be maintained. Particular attention should be given to supply connections other than direct connections to the branch circuit (e.g., use of power strips).

Redundant Power Supplies 

Where redundant power supplies are provided with the equipment, each power supply shall be connected to a separate circuit to optimize the equipment redundancy.


Disconnect all power supplies prior to servicing the equipment.

Caution: Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by incorrect type. Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions provided.


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