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Snapshots: Upgrade Process with Qumulo Core 2.5.0


Outlines the upgrade process for Snapshots in the Qumulo Core 2.5.0 version


  • Upgrading to Qumulo Core 2.5.0


With the release of Qumulo Core 2.5.0, all Qumulo clusters now support snapshots. After the software upgrade, a scanner will run in the background to modify old files to the latest on-disk format. Once that process is complete, you will be able to take snapshots.

When you first upgrade to 2.5.0, the Snapshots page in the Web UI displays a blue banner.

Once the scanner is complete, refresh this page and the blue banner will go away. Your cluster is now ready to take snapshots.

What is the scanner doing?

There have been several releases over the years where Qumulo has changed the way we store files on disk. With each of those releases, we included a “lazy upgrader” where old files are upgraded on the fly when they are read, rather than upgrading the entire file system at once. With the introduction of read-only snapshots, we need a way to ensure that reading an old file doesn’t require re-writing the data in a new format.

The scanner goes through the entire file system, upgrading these old files one at a time. Files that were written in the latest format will need to be read but are not changed.

When will the scanner finish?

The speed of the scanner depends on the number of files, the age of the files, and the load on the cluster. For a cluster with a less than 10 million files and a light to medium workload, we expect the scanner to finish in a few days.

For clusters with hundreds of millions of files and a heavy workload, the scanner may take several weeks. In 2.5.1 the speed of the scanner to address these clusters is improved.

What performance impacts can I expect?

While the scanner is running, you can continue to use your cluster as normal. The performance impact of the scanner is minimal.

How can I monitor the progress?

While there is no progress bar, there are a few ways to check on the status of the scanner.

The easiest way is to ask your Customer Success Manager (CSM). For clusters that are connected to Cloud Based Monitoring, they will send a status report on the scanner’s progress to Qumulo. Your CSM will be able to tell you if the scanner has completed.

From the command line, you can verify if the scanner has completed using the following command: 

qq snapshot_list_snapshots

It will return this error until the scanner is complete:

Error 501: snapshot_not_enabled_error: Snapshots are not enabled on this cluster.

Once the scanner is complete, qq snapshot_list_snapshots will return:

"entries": []


You should now be able to successfully upgrade to Qumulo Core 2.5.0 and utilize snapshots


QQ CLI: Snapshots


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