SSL: Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

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    Gerard Weatherby

    It's unclear what to use for "cluster name."? If our cluster name is "filesystem" and our local domain is "", is the cluster name here "filesystem", or ""?

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    Hello Gerard,

    Great question and my apologies for the delayed response.  The cluster-name name in the example commands is just for naming the KEY and CSR files. The examples used are to help customers that may have one more Qumulo clusters, and by using the cluster name you ensure that the CSR and KEY files will have unique names.

    You Could use the FQDN if you would like or if you have two Qumulo Clusters that have the same name but different FQDNs.  For example, if you have &, you may want to use the FQDN to ensure you use the correct CSR and Key for each cluster when generating your certificate from your Certificate Authority server or service. 

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