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Recommended NFS Mount Options


This article explains the recommended NFS mount options for Mac and Linux. For more information, see Enabling and Using NFSv4.1 on a Qumulo Cluster and Managing File Access Permissions Using NFSv4.1 Access Control Lists (ACLs).


  • Cluster running Qumulo Core

NOTE: Qumulo currently only supports NFSv3 protocol for the following recommended NFS mount options.


The combination of the mount options intr (Interrupt) and hard (Hard Mount) provide the best balance of data integrity and client stability in the event of a client disconnection from the server.

The tcp option ensures that TCP is used during the mount phase and data transfer, greatly speeding up mount times in some environments.

Note: Qumulo does not support NFS traffic over UDP 

On modern macOS and Linux operating systems, there is no need to specify most NFS mount options as the client will auto-negotiate the mount string with the server, including setting up a 1MB send/receive block size.

READDIRPLUS, specified through the rdirplus mount option, allows more aggressive polling of metadata from directories and can greatly improve the performance of directory listing and "ls" operations on Macs.

Note: This is a default option on modern Linux distributions.

The Local Locks options listed below are provided for compatibility client software that requires some form of positive file locking but the use of NLM file locking is not desired. 


Verify Current NFS Mount Options

Run the following command on the client to list your current NFS mount options being used for all NFS mounts:

nfsstat -m

Recommended Mount Options

Mac Client

mount -t nfs -o rsize=65536,wsize=65536,intr,hard,tcp,rdirplus,readahead=128 qumulo.hostname:/share /path/to/mountpoint

Mac Client with Local Locking Enforced

mount -t nfs -o rsize=65536,wsize=65536,intr,hard,tcp,locallocks,rdirplus,readahead=128 qumulo.hostname:/share /path/to/mountpoint

NOTE:  Mac clients do not support NFSv4.1.

Linux Client 

  • Please note that modern Linux distributions auto negotiate a 1MB read/write block size (rsize/wsize of rsize=1048576).
mount -t nfs -o intr,hard,tcp qumulo.hostname:/share /path/to/mountpoint

Linux Client with Local Locks Enforced

mount -t nfs -o intr,hard,tcp,local_lock=all qumulo.hostname:/share /path/to/mountpoint


You should now know the recommended mount options when mounting a Qumulo cluster from a Mac or Linux client over NFS.


QQ CLI: NFS Exports


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  • Hey Joe, thanks in advance for this post. 
    For couple days I was trying connect a Windows Server NFS volume in mac computers.  ( A fck issue in FCPX that not allow store libraries in SMB Windows Volumes) 
    NFS Windows with OS/X it's not so simple. When connected via GUI, don't work - can't write files, make some errors. 
    When I tried via command line, appear that works fine, but everytime that I open a FCPX project, it don't open and show a messase that volume was disconnected. 
    Well I use same parameters that you show here for mac clients and it working fine now. I can access my NFS (from windows server) and it's working fine. 

    João Ricardo

  • Hi Qumulo, now that NFS 3 and 4 is supported, I think you should add the NFS version to recommended mount options. 


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