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Cloud-Based Monitoring via Custom Proxy


Outlines how to connect to Cloud-Based Monitoring via custom proxy


  • Qumulo Core 2.6.4 or higher

NOTE: VPN remote support is not available when connecting to Cloud-based Monitoring via a customer-specified proxy.


Qumulo supports connecting to Cloud-Based Monitoring through a customer-specified proxy. This functionality is provided via an updated qq command and corresponding REST API endpoint. You can specify a custom proxy and port for both MQ (cloud based monitoring), and S3 (used as a target for core dumps and log uploads).

Using the ‘--all-proxy-host’ flag will configure both S3 and MQ to communicate via the same proxy settings. If you plan on using a single proxy for cloud-based monitoring, use the --all-proxy-host options.

The qq documentation for


is provided below, with the updates highlighted:

usage: qq set_monitoring_conf 

[-h] [--enabled] [--disabled] [--vpn-enabled]
[--vpn-disabled] [--mq-host MQ_HOST]
[--mq-port MQ_PORT]
[--mq-proxy-host MQ_PROXY_HOST]
[--mq-proxy-port MQ_PROXY_PORT]
[--s3-proxy-host S3_PROXY_HOST]
[--s3-proxy-port S3_PROXY_PORT]
[--all-proxy-host HOST] [--all-proxy-port PORT]
[--period PERIOD] [--vpn-host VPN_HOST]

optional arguments:
-h, --help Show this help message and exit
--enabled Enable monitoring service.
--disabled Disable monitoring service.
--vpn-enabled Enable support VPN.
--vpn-disabled Disable support VPN.
--mq-host MQ_HOST Specify MQ host name or IP.
--mq-port MQ_PORT Optional MQ service port.
--mq-proxy-host MQ_PROXY_HOST
Optional MQ proxy host.
--mq-proxy-port MQ_PROXY_PORT
Optional MQ proxy port.
--s3-proxy-host S3_PROXY_HOST
Optional S3 proxy host.
--s3-proxy-port S3_PROXY_PORT
Optional S3 proxy port.
Optional S3 proxy disable HTTPS.
--all-proxy-host HOST
Optional Set both MQ and S3 proxy host to HOST.
--all-proxy-port PORT
Optional Set both MQ and S3 proxy port to PORT.
--period PERIOD Monitoring poll interval in seconds.

--vpn-host VPN_HOST Support VPN host name or IP

Utilize the command below to enable cloud based monitoring via proxy on your cluster. Note that you will need to replace the domain and port number with your own in the following example:

sudo qq set_monitoring_conf --enable --vpn-enable --mq-host --mq-port 443 --all-proxy-host --all-proxy-port your.port.number --vpn-host


You should now successfully be able to connect to Cloud-Based Monitoring via custom proxy


Qumulo Care Proactive Monitoring

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Qumulo's Remote Support

QQ CLI: Monitoring and VPN


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  • There is a typo in the article.  both --mq-host and --mq-port have _ instead of -.

  • Thanks for catching that David! The article has been updated with the proper commands.


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