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Balance of Client Connections on your Qumulo Cluster


Outlines how to check the balance of client connections across your Qumulo cluster


  • Cluster running Qumulo Core
  • Command line (CLI) tools installed via API & Tools tab


For optimal performance, it's important that client connections are evenly distributed across your cluster. To check the balance of client connections on your Qumulo cluster, run the following qq command:

qq network_list_connections

Sample output:

admin@music-4:~$ qq network_list_connections
"connections": [
"network_address": "",
"network_address": "",
"id": 1

NOTE: The output will include the IP address of the client and the protocol the client has connected over

To get a condensed, human readable version of the of the output you can run:

qq network_list_connections --counts

Sample output:

admin@arrakis-1:~$ qq network_list_connections --counts
Total: SMB 70 NFS 30
Node1: SMB 17 NFS 8
Node2: SMB 17 NFS 7
Node3: SMB 18 NFS 6

Node4: SMB 18 NFS 9

Using the --counts option will return only the number of SMB and NFS connections to each node without the client IP addresses.


You should now be able to successfully check the balance of client connections across your cluster 


QQ CLI: Networks and IP Addresses


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