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Snapshots: Capacity Consumption


Outlines how to use the qq CLI to determine Snapshot capacity consumption


  • Cluster running Qumulo Core version 2.5.1 or higher
  • Command line (CLI) tools installed via API & Tools tab


You can use the qq CLI to find out how much capacity is being consumed by all snapshots.

qq snapshot_get_total_used_capacity

This will return the total number of bytes consumed by snapshots.

admin@example-3:~$ qq snapshot_get_total_used_capacity
"bytes": "513395974144"


For individual snapshots, there’s a different qq command. Unlike other storage systems, this will give you exactly the number of bytes you’ll get back if you delete that snapshot. You’ll need to provide a snapshot ID which you can get from looking in the UI, listing the snapshot directories in the file system, or by running the following qq command:

qq snapshot_list_snapshots

Once you have the Snapshot ID, run the following command specifying the Snapshot ID to get the total number of bytes:

qq snapshot_calculate_used_capacity --ids 5719
"bytes": "4390166528"

If you have data that is included in multiple snapshots, you can only reclaim that capacity by deleting all snapshots referencing the data. By using the qq command above, you can see how much you’ll reclaim if you delete a set of snapshots by providing multiple IDs separated by commas.

admin@example-3:~$ qq snapshot_calculate_used_capacity --ids 5719,5718,5717
"bytes": "21961039872"


You should now be able to successfully determine Snapshot capacity consumption using the qq CLI 


QQ CLI: Snapshots


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