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Quotas in Qumulo Core


Outlines how to configure and manage Quotas in Qumulo Core


  • Cluster running Qumulo Core 2.6.0 and above


Take a modern approach to data capacity management with Qumulo’s machine intelligent quotas. Quotas are built directly into the file system leveraging the machine intelligence already available in Qumulo Core so that rogue applications and users can be easily managed to enable better-informed provisioning decisions.

Key Features of Qumulo’s Machine Intelligent Quotas include:

  • Native Quotas that are built into the file system which are always up-to-date and in-sync. Benefits include a dramatic reduction in storage administration time and freedom to move pre-existing data and directories between quota domains as needed.
  • Intelligent Quotas ensures that every quota is a policy that executes a set of real-time queries. Unlike traditional systems that require tree-walking of the entire directory structure which can take days to complete, intelligent quotas can be immediately enforced. Benefits of this approach include real-time diagnosis and enforcement of rogue applications and users, along with real-time visibility showing how the storage is allocated at any given point-in-time.

Create a Quota

  • In the Web UI, navigate to the Sharing menu and select Quotas from the dropdown


  • Click the Create Quota button


  • Type in the path and set the limit in GB, PB, or TB for your Quota


  • Click Save to create the Quota 

You can now manage the Quota you've created on the Quotas listing page. Here you'll be able to see the usage in percent, the path, the used storage amount, and the quota limit for each quota.

The Quotas listing page also provides visibility on the amount of storage currently being used on the cluster, including all quotas.

  • Quota Used is the sum of used capacity across Quotas
  • Quota Provisioned is the sum of all quota limits

Keep in mind that when the parent directory of a Quota also has a Quota provisioned, only the parent Quota is included in the calculation.


Scripts for Quotas

  • Head on over to Qumulo's GitHub and use the Cluster Alerts for Qumulo script to receive email alerts for the quotas on your cluster. 
  • To build quotas on directories that already exist, like user home directories, check out the quota script example in the Additional Resources section below.


You should now be able to successfully configure and manage Quotas in Qumulo Core


Video: Create a Quota

QQ CLI: Quotas

Cluster Alerts for Qumulo Github Script


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