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Server-Side Tree Delete in Qumulo Core 4.2.3 (and Lower)


This article outlines how you can initiate server-side deletes of entire file system trees in Qumulo Core.


  • Cluster running Qumulo Core 2.6.7 (and higher)
    Note: If your cluster runs a higher version of Qumulo Core, refer to Server-Side Tree Delete in Qumulo Core 4.2.4 (and Higher) for the appropriate commands for your version.
  • Command line (CLI) tools installed via API & Tools tab
  • Admin privileges on the Qumulo cluster

Important: Deployments running Qumulo Core 4.2.3 and below have no mechanism to stop, pause, or cancel a server-side tree delete once it's started. Double-check the directory path before starting a tree delete to ensure it's accurate or take a snapshot if unsure.


Qumulo Core supports initiating server-side deletes of entire file system trees, (or tree deletes). Tree deletes ensure that you can start a delete job easily with a single qq command and know that it will successfully finish. Even if your cluster goes down or experiences transient errors running the process, the delete job will still complete. 
Note: Your cluster can have up to 10 active tree delete operations per node; any additional operations will be queued.

Initiate a Tree Delete

Use the following command to start a tree delete of a directory using the path:

qq fs_delete_tree --path /dir/to/delete

Use the following command to start a tree delete of a directory using the ID of the tree root:

qq fs_delete_tree --id ID

Once a tree delete is initiated using one of the commands above, you will need to confirm the directory to ensure the tree delete is correct. Enter one of the prompts below to proceed with the tree delete.

  • Qumulo Core 2.10.3 (and higher): I HAVE VALIDATED THE PATH
  • Qumulo Core 2.10.2 (and lower): yes

Check the Tree Delete Status

You can check the current status of the tree delete using the ID or directory path with the following qq command:

qq fs_delete_tree_status --path /dir/to/delete
qq fs_delete_tree_status --id ID

Note: If the job has finished or if there was never a job assigned to the specified directory, the status will return a 404 error.

Additional Considerations

  • You will not receive failure by permissions
  • Tree deletes can delete up to a depth of 1000 directories
  • If you use tree delete to delete a replication target directory, the replication job will break
  • No performance guidance is given for how long the delete work will take to complete


QQ CLI: File System

Server-Side Tree Delete in Qumulo Core 4.2.4 (and Higher)

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  • Delete fs_delete_tree delete any corresponding snapshots of the deleted directory?


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