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QQ CLI: Active Directory


Lists the Active Directory qq commands available in Qumulo Core and their corresponding API action


  • Cluster running Qumulo Core
    • Cluster is in quorum and qfsd process is running on the selected node
    • The list below reflects the qq commands currently available for Active Directory and can differ between versions of Qumulo Core. Certain commands may require upgrading to a later release to utilize a specific API action.
  • Command line (CLI) tools installed via API & Tools in the Web UI
  • Admin privileges on the Qumulo cluster




qq ad_cancel 

Cancel current AD join/leave operation and clear errors

qq ad_clear_cache

Clear the AD ID mapping cache  

qq ad_distinguished_name_to_account

Get all account info for a distinguished name  

qq ad_expand_groups

Get the SIDs of all the groups (including nested) that the given SID is a member of 

qq ad_get_advanced_settings
Get advanced Active Directory settings
qq ad_gid_to_sids
Get SIDs from GID
qq ad_join
Join an Active Directory Domain 
qq ad_leave
Leave an Active Directory Domain
qq ad_list
List Active Directory Configuration
qq ad_name_to_accounts
Get all account info for a sAMAccountName
qq ad_poll
Poll Active Directory Configuration
qq ad_set_advanced_settings
Modify advanced Active Directory settings
qq ad_sid_to_account
Get all account info for a SID
qq ad_sid_to_gid
Get GID from SID 
qq ad_sid_to_uid
Get UID from SID 
qq ad_sid_to_username
Get AD username from SID 
qq ad_uid_to_sids
Get SIDS from UID 
qq ad_username_to_sids
Get SIDs from an AD username 

NOTE: Once you've accessed a node via ssh, you can see the full list of qq commands by running:

qq -h


You should now be able to successfully use qq commands to complete specific API actions for Active Directory in Qumulo Core


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