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QQ CLI: Snapshots


Lists the qq commands available for Snapshots in Qumulo Core and their corresponding API action


  • Cluster running Qumulo Core 2.5.1 and above
    • Cluster is in quorum and qfsd process is running on the selected node
    • The list below reflects the qq commands currently available for Snapshots released in version 2.5.1 of Qumulo Core. Certain commands may require upgrading to a later release to utilize a specific API action related to this feature.
  • Command line (CLI) tools installed via API & Tools in the Web UI
  • Admin privileges on the Qumulo cluster


qq snapshot_calculate_used_capacity
Get the space used by the specified snapshots 
qq snapshot_create_policy
Create a new snapshot scheduling policy 
qq snapshot_create_snapshot
Create a new snapshot 
qq snapshot_delete_policy
Delete a single scheduling policy 
qq snapshot_delete_snapshot
Delete a single snapshot 
qq snapshot_diff
List the differences between two snapshots
qq snapshot_file_diff
List changed byte ranges of a file between two snapshots
qq snapshot_
Get the approximate amount of space for each snapshot that would be reclaimed if deleted 
qq snapshot_get_policy
Get a single policy 
qq snapshot_get_policy_status
Get a single snapshot policy status 
qq snapshot_get_snapshot
Get a single snapshot 
qq snapshot_get_status
Get status of a single snapshot 
qq snapshot_get_total_used_capacity
Get the total space consumed by all snapshots 
qq snapshot_list_policies
Lists all policies 
qq snapshot_list_policy_statuses
List all snapshot policy statuses 
qq snapshot_list_snapshots
List all snapshots 
qq snapshot_list_statuses
List all snapshot statuses 
qq snapshot_modify_policy
Modify an existing snapshot scheduling policy 
qq snapshot_modify_snapshot
Modify an existing snapshot 

NOTE: Once you've accessed a node via ssh, you can see the full list of qq commands by running:

qq -h


You should now be able to successfully use qq commands to complete specific API actions for Snapshots in Qumulo Core


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  • Can you add some more detail on this article? Some of these commands obscure snapshots that are "in delete", and some do not. We recently had a situation where the system was struggling to delete snapshots in a timely way, and it was not clear how to list *all snapshots regardless of status*, and how to find out which snapshots were "in delete."


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