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QQ CLI: Cluster Configuration


Lists the qq commands available for cluster configuration in Qumulo Core and their corresponding API action


  • Cluster running Qumulo Core
    • Cluster is in quorum and qfsd process is running on the selected node
    • The list below reflects the qq commands currently available for cluster configuration and can differ between versions of Qumulo Core. Certain commands may require upgrading to a later release to utilize a specific API action.
  • Command line (CLI) tools installed via API & Tools in the Web UI
  • Admin privileges on the Qumulo cluster


qq add_nodes
Add un-configured nodes to a Qumulo cluster
qq audit_get_cloudwatch_config
Get audit CloudWatch configuration
qq audit_get_cloudwatch_status
Get audit CloudWatch status
qq audit_get_syslog_config
Get audit syslog server configuration
qq audit_get_syslog_status
Get audit syslog server status
qq audit_set_cloudwatch_config
Change audit CloudWatch configuration
qq audit_set_syslog_config
Change audit syslog server configuration
qq checksumming_get_status
Get the advanced data protection status for the cluster
qq cluster_conf
Get the cluster config
qq cluster_create 
Creates a Qumulo Cluster 
qq cluster_slot_set_config 
Set the attributes for the given cluster slot. Currently only led_pattern may be set.
qq cluster_slots
Get the cluster disk slots status 
qq encryption_get_status
Get at-rest encryption status
qq halt_cluster
Halt the cluster 
qq nodes_list
List nodes 
qq raw
Issue an HTTP request to a Qumulo REST endpoint. Content for modifying requests (i.e. PATCH, POST, and PUT) can be provided on stdin. Output is provided on stdout.
qq reboot_pause

Pauses a reboot in progress. 

qq reboot_resume

Resumes a paused reboot in progress.

qq reboot_start

Restart a cluster. The optional --rolling flag performs a rolling reboot.

qq reboot_status

Displays the status of a reboot, including:

  • Reboot state
  • Reboot type
  • Total number of nodes in cluster
  • Total number of rebooted nodes
  • Any error messages encountered during reboot
qq time_get
Get time configuration 
qq time_list_timezones
List timezones supported by QC 
qq time_series_get
Get specified time series data 
qq time_set
Set time configuration 
qq time_status
Get time configuration status 
qq unconfigured_nodes_list
Get the list of unconfigured nodes 
qq upgrade_cluster
Run a cluster upgrade to the image specified by the provided path
qq upgrade_status
Get the status of the upgrade system
qq upgrade_verify_image
Verify an image path for upgrade
qq version
Print current version information 

Once you've accessed a node via ssh, you can see the full list of qq commands by running:

qq -h


You should now be able to successfully use qq commands for cluster configuration to complete specific API actions in Qumulo Core


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