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Qumulo P-Series DIMM Field Replacement Unit


Outlines how to install a DIMM module in Qumulo P-series 2U platforms


  • Qumulo P-series 23T, 92T, 184T, or 368T hardware
  • DIMM module on-site
  • Identify the failed DIMM by the fault LED using the diagram belowled_diagram.png


  • Power down the node and disconnect cabling 


  • Loosen the two front thumbscrews and slide the node out from the rack to access top panel
  • Loosen the thumbscrews on the back of the node securing the top panel
  • thumbscrews.png

  • Slide the top panel towards the back of the node and lift to remove
  • Release the tabs and gently rock the plastic cover to lift and remove away from the motherboard
  • Press down on the retaining clips to release the DIMM and remove
  • Insert the new DIMM into the slot verifying that the retaining clips are locked
  • Position the plastic cover and wiggle into place between the black plastic tabs on the motherboard being mindful of PCI cabling along the sides of the chassis


Once the DIMM replacement is complete, position the top panel and tighten the thumbscrews on the back of the node.


You should now be able to successfully install a DIMM module in Qumulo P-series 2U platforms


Video: DIMM Field Replacement Unit

QQ CLI: Cluster Configuration


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