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Email Alerting with Qumulo Trends


Outlines the cluster events that trigger an email alert from Qumulo Trends



When email alerting on Qumulo Trends is enabled for a cluster in the Settings, alerts will be sent for specific cluster events. Qumulo Trends will receive notification of a failure once the next scheduled health check is performed and an email alert will be triggered to the address on file. The sent email will include any events that occurred during that 15 minute time frame.

Enable Email Alerting

  • Login to Qumulo Trends
  • Navigate to the Settings Menu at the top of the page
  • Check the box for Email Alerts on selected clusters to prompt alerts for the events outlined below


Cluster Events

Events that trigger an email alert are listed below. Note that these email notifications are sent out as 15 minute digests and are not live.

Quorum event: the cluster has abandoned or successfully formed quorum
Recused node:
a node was unable to join quorum
IPV6 duplicate address detection failure:
duplicate addresses have been found

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