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Qumulo K-Series Chassis Field Replacement Unit


Outlines how to perform a chassis swap on Qumulo K-series platforms


  • Qumulo K-series 144T or 168T hardware
  • Replacement chassis on site

NOTE: Shutting down the node will cause a quorum event and put the cluster in an n-1 state. Once you finish the process and power on the new chassis, another event will occur when the node rejoins quorum. 


  • Shut down the node and unplug cabling from the back
  • With help on hand, loosen the black thumbscrews and remove the original node from the rack


  • Install the new diskless chassis into the rack


  • Transfer the boot drive from the bottom slot on the back of the node to the new node


  • Move the 12 drawer HDDs and 3 front SSDs from the original node to the new chassis ensuring drives are installed into the same slots

TIP! Install the drawer HDDs into the node leaving the levers up until all drives are in place. Lower the drive levers in each row working from the middle drives outward. For additional details on installing the drives, reference the article Qumulo K-Series Drive Field Replacement Unit for more information.

remove_drives.jpg       insert_drives.jpg

  • Transfer the network and power cabling to the new node
  • Power on the node


NOTE: If the current IPMI settings are set statically and not via DHCP, they will need to be reapplied to each node in the cluster. Reference the IPMI Quick Reference Guide for Qumulo K-Series article for additional details. 


You should now be able to successfully replace a chassis on Qumulo K-series platforms


Qumulo K-Series Drive Field Replacement Unit

Qumulo K-Series Drive Diagrams

IPMI Quick Reference Guide for Qumulo K-Series

QQ CLI: Cluster Configuration


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