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Hide an SMB Share in Qumulo Core


Create a new hidden SMB Share 

  • In the Web UI, hover over Sharing and click SMB Shares from the dropdown


  • Click Create Share on the SMB Shares page


  • Fill in the following fields when prompted


  • Include "$" at the end of the Share name to hide the share at the root of the cluster

Click Save to create the new hidden share and add it to the SMB Shares page.

Hide an existing SMB Share via the UI

You can hide an existing SMB share via the Web UI or the qq command-line. To hide an SMB share via the UI:

  • Navigate to the SMB Shares page by hovering over Sharing and selecting SMB Shares
  • Click the pencil icon on the share listing
  • Add "$" to the end of the share name
  • Click Save to hide the share

Once a share is hidden, the entire path will need to be entered to access the share. See the example below:


Hide existing SMB Shares from Unauthorized Users

To hide SMB shares from unauthorized users via the qq command-line, run the following:

qq smb_modify_settings --hide-shares-from-unauthorized-users true

Keep in mind that share listing will omit shares that the requesting user is not authorized to connect to on the cluster. Clients that are not configured for passwordless authentication typically list shares using guest privileges; this option will typically hide all shares from such clients.

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