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FTP: Wildcard Expansion


Outlines how to configure and use wildcard expansion with FTP in Qumulo Core


  • Cluster running Qumulo Core version 2.11.0 or above
  • Command line (CLI) tools installed via API & Tools tab


With the release of version 2.11.0 of Qumulo Core, we now support a new “expand wildcards” feature for FTP. Enabling this feature will allow posix-like shell wildcard patterns on FTP paths passed to the LIST and NLST FTP commands. It will only apply to listing the contents of a single directory and cannot be used to “walk” the file system. 

Configure Wildcard Expansion with FTP

To enable, use the following command:

qq ftp_modify_settings --expand-wildcards true

Run the following command to disable:

qq ftp_modify_settings --expand-wildcards false

To review your current FTP settings, including the "expand wildcards" feature, you can run the following: 

qq ftp_get_status

Supported Wildcard Characters and Actions

Once enabled, you can use the following supported characters and actions with FTP. Keep in mind that the pattern will only be used on the final path component. If the components leading up to the final directory you are listing include wildcards, those wildcards will be treated literally.

  • * for match any characters, 0 or more times
  • ? for match any character, 1 time
  • [...] for match a character range, 1 time.
    • [a-z] will match all characters between a-z
    • [!a-z] or [^a-z] is the inverse of [a-z]
    • * and ? will be matched literally if inside a character range
  • \ to escape any of the characters above
  • \\ to input an actual backslash in the pattern

EXAMPLE: The pattern /path*foo/files*.txt will try to open a directory named path*foo and then list all files that begin with files and end with .txt. The asterisk in the parent directory will be ignored since it is not the final directory we are listing in that pattern.


You should now be able to successfully configure and use wildcard expansion with FTP in Qumulo Core


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