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Qumulo C-Series DIMM Field Replacement Unit


This article outlines how to install a DIMM module on C-72T and C-168T platforms.

Important: Do not replace the DIMM modules on C-192, C-432, and K-432 nodes.For guidance on the correct procedure to follow, contact the Qumulo Care Team.


  1. Power down your node and disconnect any cables from it.


  2. Loosen the two black thumbscrews on the front of your node and remove the node from the rack.
  3. To remove the top panel, press the blue button and slide the panel towards the back of the node.
  4. To expose the node's components, life the black air guide straight up from the motherboard.
  5. To release and remove a DIMM, press down on the two retaining clips on each side of the DIMM.
    Important: To verify that you are replacing the correct DIMM (A0 or B0), see the following image.
  6. Insert the replacement DIMM into the slot, ensuring that the retaining clips lock into position.
  7. Install the air guide cover by aligning it with the enclosure post.
  8. Position the top panel and slide the panel towards the front of your node, ensuring that the peg underneath aligns with the opening on the enclosure.aligned_peg.png
  9. When you finish replacing the DIMMs, reinstall the node in your rack and tighten the two black thumbscrews.
  10. Reconnect all cables and power up your node.


You can now install a DIMM module on C-72T and C-168T platforms.


QQ CLI: Cluster Configuration


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