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Snapshots: Snapshot Directory Mode


Outlines how to configure the .snapshot directory mode on your Qumulo cluster


  • Cluster running Qumulo Core version 2.14.5 or higher
  • Command line (CLI) tools installed using the API & Tools tab


With the release of 2.14.5, you can now configure the behavior of the special .snapshot directory used to recover files when mounted over SMB that was previously only accessible at the root of each share. To configure this cluster-wide setting, you specify one of the following snapshot directory modes using the qq command line to assign visibility of the directory:

  • Visible: a special .snapshot directory appears in directory listings at the root of shares and is accessible by name in any directory. This is the default cluster-wide setting that is automatically enabled in 2.14.5 or above.
  • Hidden:  the .snapshot directory does not appear in directory listings, but is accessible by name.
  • Disabled: the .snapshot directories are not accessible and snapshots are only available through special services (such as, the Restore Previous Versions dialog on Windows). SMB clients are unable to either list or access the.snapshot directory.

With the “hidden” or “disabled” settings enabled, recursive modify operations (such as changing an inheritable ACL on the root of a share) is prevented from descending into the read-only.snapshot directory and failing. 

NOTE: Configuring the "hidden" setting with Windows does not work, as it expects the .snapshot directory to be returned in the listing even if hidden. However, previous versions still work in this mode as needed. 

Snapshot Directory Mode using the QQ CLI

To configure, use the following command and include your mode of choice with the snapshot directory mode attribute.

qq smb_modify_settings --snapshot-directory-mode [visible|hidden|disabled] 

To check the current snapshot directory mode on your cluster, run the following command:

qq smb_get_settings

Example Output:

admin@cluster-3:~$ qq smb_get_settings
"hide_shares_from_unauthorized_hosts": false,
"hide_shares_from_unauthorized_users": false,
"session_encryption": "NONE",
"snapshot_directory_mode": "VISIBLE",
"supported_dialects": [

NOTE:  Reading snapshots applies to NFSv3 only.  NFSv4.1 does not support reading snapshots. 


You should now be able to successfully  configure the snapshot directory mode on your Qumulo cluster


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