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Manage File Shares with Shared Folders MMC Snap-in


Outlines how to use the Shared Folders MMC snap-in to manage shares over SMB in Qumulo Core


  • Cluster running Qumulo Core version 3.0.3 or above
  • Windows 7 // Server 2008R2 or newer client


With Qumulo Core, you can use the Shared Folders Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in to centrally manage file shares. Once connected, you can configure the Shared Folders snap-in via MMC enabling you to easily create file shares and set permissions on Windows.

Important! If the user is not an admin, they need to be in the Data Administrators role to successfully connect.

Configure Shared Folders via MMC

  1. Open the command prompt.
  2. Run the following command to connect:
    net use \\ /user:admin
  3. Press Enter, and type the password when prompted.
  4. Navigate to the Start Menu and select Run.


  5. Type in mmc and press Enter to open the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).


  6. Navigate to the File menu in the MMC and select Add/Remove Snap-In....


  7. Select Shared Folders from the list of available snap-ins and click the Add button.


  8. Select Connect to another computer.


  9. Select Another computer and type in the cluster’s hostname (or IP) in the text box.


    NOTE: There will be no error message for success or failure. If you have a trailing "/", it will fail (i.e., will fail vs. will succeed).
  10. Click the Finish button.
  11. Once the Shared Folders snap-in is added, click OK. You should now see the Shared Folders snap-in showing on the left side, with the cluster hostname in parenthesis.


  12. Expand the Shared Folders snap-in by either double-clicking it or single-clicking the turndown arrow.
  13. Click on the Shares list item to see the existing shares on the cluster. An example of what you should see on a new cluster is below:


Create a Share

  1. Go to the Action menu and select New Share.


  2. Type in the path or click on Browse and select the directory:



    NOTE: The ‘q$’ share path starts at the root of the filesystem (aka. ‘/’).
  3. Click Next and fill in the share name. Note that it defaults to the name of the folder, but can be changed.


  4. Click Next and select the share permissions.


    NOTE: Share permissions are separate from the traditional NTFS ACLs. The recommendation is to set the Share Folder Permissions to Full Control for everyone, then control access via the NTFS ACLs on the directory / files.


  5. Click OK, and then Finish to create the share.

Login to the cluster via the Web UI and select SMB Shares in the Sharing menu to verify that the share was successfully created.


Modify a Share

  1. Right-click on the share that you wish to modify and select Properties.


  2. Edit the Share name, Folder path, and Description using the General tab. Note that User limit and Offline Settings will have no impact on your Qumulo cluster and the C:\ drive represents the root of your Qumulo cluster.


  3. Click the Share Permissions tab to manage the permissions given to different users and groups. Note that you can add local users and groups from your Qumulo cluster by prefixing them with nameofyourcluster\ (qfsd in the example below).


    NOTE: If Full Control is not selected, there is a minor mismatch between the rights granted by Windows’ Change Permissions and the Qumulo Web UI’s Write permissions. Change Permissions set through the MMC will appear as Write* in the Web UI. We recommend using Qumulo’s tools to set share permissions.
  4. Click the Security tab to manage the file permissions for the directory subtree under the share.


  5. Click Apply to save.

    IMPORTANT! Applying changes here will encounter an error on the .snapshots metadir on a cluster with default settings. Selecting Continue each time this happens will allow the rest of the permissions to be updated.


Publish a Share in Active Directory

The Publish tab allows you to publish the share in Active Directory so that users can easily search for it.

  1. Right-click and select Properties on the share.
  2. Check Publish this share in Active Directory and optionally give it a Description, Owner, and Keywords.


  3. Click Apply.

Find a Published Share in Active Directory

  1. To search for a published share, click Search Active Directory from the Network tab in File Explorer.


  2. Select Shared Folders under Find, input the Name or Keywords, and click Find Now.


Close an Open SMB File (3.0.5 or above)

  1. Select Open Files to see a list of the files currently open on the cluster.


  2. Right click on the SMB file and select Close Open File.


  3. Click Yes to confirm.


TIP! To manage a large number of open files, use the QQ CLI or API instead of Shared Folders. Check out the Close an Open SMB File via QQ CLI article for more info.

Remove a Share

  1. Right-click on the share you wish to remove and select Stop Sharing.



You should now successfully be able to use the Shared Folders MMC snap-in to manage shares over SMB in Qumulo Core


Create an SMB Share

Close an Open SMB File via QQ CLI

QQ CLI: SMB Shares


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