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Close an Open SMB File via QQ CLI


Outlines how to close an open SMB file on your Qumulo cluster


  • Cluster running Qumulo Core 3.0.3 or above
  • Administrator or Data Administrator Role
  • Path to an open SMB file
  • Command line (CLI) tools installed via API & Tools in the Web UI


  1. Determine the file number by specifying the file path of the open SMB file in the following command:
    qq fs_file_get_attr --path /file1
        "blocks": "1",
        "change_time": "2020-03-02T22:21:55.402147962Z",
        "child_count": 0,
        "creation_time": "2020-03-02T22:21:55.402147962Z",
        "datablocks": "0",
        "directory_entry_hash_policy": null,
        "extended_attributes": {
            "archive": true,
            "compressed": false,
            "hidden": false,
            "not_content_indexed": false,
            "read_only": false,
            "sparse_file": false,
            "system": false,
            "temporary": false
        "file_number": "4",
        "group": "513",
        "group_details": {
            "id_type": "LOCAL_GROUP",
            "id_value": "Users"
        "id": "4",
        "major_minor_numbers": {
            "major": 0,
            "minor": 0
        "metablocks": "1",
        "mode": "0644",
        "modification_time": "2020-03-02T22:21:55.402147962Z",
        "name": "file1",
        "num_links": 1,
        "owner": "500",
        "owner_details": {
            "id_type": "LOCAL_USER",
            "id_value": "admin"
        "path": "/file1",
        "size": "0",
        "symlink_target_type": "FS_FILE_TYPE_UNKNOWN",
        "type": "FS_FILE_TYPE_FILE"
  2. Use the file number to list the SMB file handles with the following command: 
    qq smb_list_file_handles | jq '.file_handles[] | select(.file_number=="4")'
  3. Locate the file handle(s) by matching the file number and noting the location inside the handle_info in the output:
    qq smb_list_file_handles |
    jq '.file_handles[] | select(.file_number=="4")'
        "file_number": "4",
        "handle_info": {
            "access_mask": [
            "location": "2.4.2",
            "num_byte_range_locks": 0,
            "owner": "500",
            "version": 4294967295
    TIP! You may have numerous matching file numbers if the SMB file is opened multiple times. Use jq or grep to filter by the file number like the example above.
  4. Close the file handle(s) by specifying the location in the following command:
    qq smb_close_file_handle --location 2.4.2


You should now be able to successfully close an open SMB file on your Qumulo cluster


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