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Qumulo Dynamic Scale: Mixed Node Compatibility


This page explains nodes compatibility for mixed-node environments that allow expansion through hardware lifecycle changes.


  • An existing Qumulo cluster
  • A version of Qumulo Core that supports the needed mix of node models


You can expand any Qumulo deployment by adding the same node type. In contrast, mixed-node environments let you scale your deployment by adding different node types. This can be useful when a node type isn't available or when a newer node type is released. You can expand Qumulo clusters using different node types, as long as the nodes are in the same license class. For more information, see Add a Node to an Existing Qumulo Cluster.

Qumulo Core 4.1.0 and Higher

From Qumulo Core 4.1.0, you can add nodes of any capacity, generation, or vendor to a cluster. For a list of node types and the license classes they use, see the License Type & Platform Compatibility Matrix in the Software Use Guidelines.

NOTE: Because adding nodes whose specifications are very different might cause performance issues, you must contact your Qumulo account team to plan your expansion.

Qumulo Core 4.0.6 and Lower

The following tables outline the possible expansion options and the Qumulo Core version necessary for these expansions.

NOTE: Node types not listed in these tables might be added to future releases.

HPE Apollo 4200 Compatibility

HPE Gen9 Node Type HPE Gen10-Compatible Node Required Qumulo Core Version
90 TB 90 TB 2.14.3
180 TB 192 TB 3.0.5
288 TB 336 TB 3.0.5

Qumulo Mixed Node Compatibility

NOTE: You can not only use nodes of different generations together, but also combine nodes of the same generation but different sizes (for example, HPE Gen10 36 TB and 90 TB nodes, or 90 TB and 192 TB nodes).

Original Node Type Compatible Node Type Required Qumulo Core Version
K-144T K-168T 3.3.1
QC104 C-192T 3.3.5
QC208 or QC260 C-192T or C-432T 3.3.5
QC360 C-432T 3.3.5
QC24 or QC40
  • C-72T
  • HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 36 TB
P-23T P-92T 3.3.5
P-92T P-184T 3.3.5
P-184T HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Plus 145T B 3.3.5


You now know how to identify node compatibility for mixed-node environments.


Add a Node to an Existing Qumulo Cluster

Contact Qumulo Care!


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