Client by Activity reverse lookup

What determines if / when the Client By Activity displays the client DNS name along with the IP? Does Qumulo core query each DNS server listed in the config, or just one of them?

We're currently running Qumulo Core 2.6.11 build 94553.1.26


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  • The client IP information and name shown is a reverse lookup of DNS.  Ideally each DNS server configured can resolve the same information so it would not matter which DNS server was queried for reverse lookup information.

    Feel free to reach out more here in communities or in slack.  


  • What I've noticed is that Windows DNS doesn't do a great job of keeping the reverse lookup tables up to date, so we end up with some really super incorrect names for the desktops showing up in the list. 

  • We ended up pointing our cluster to our bind9 linux based DNS servers, and using the forwarding features of bind9 to lookup IPs served by other DNS servers.


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