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QC Series 4U Networking Diagrams

⚠️ Important: The QC24, QC40, QC104, QC208, QC260, and QC360 platforms will reach their End of Platform Support (EoPS) on February 28, 2026.


  • QC Series 4U cluster
  • Network Switch that meets the following criteria:
    • 40 Gbps Ethernet
    • Fully non-blocking architecture
    • IPv6 capable
  • Compatible network cables
  • Enough ports to connect all nodes to the same switch fabric
  • One static IP per node per defined VLAN

Note: Before you connect any Qumulo-provided equipment to your network, it is always best to consult with your Network engineering team. For configuration information, see Best Practices for Networking Qumulo Clusters.


Connect to a Single Switch

The diagram below shows how to connect a four-node QC208 cluster to a single switch.

  • Each node contains two 40 Gb ports that are connected to the switch
  • Ports 11 and 12 on the switch are configured as uplink ports and should be connected to the client network

Connect to Redundant Switches

The diagram below shows how to connect a four-node QC208 cluster to dual switches for redundancy.

  • The two 40 Gb ports on the nodes are connected to separate switches
  • Port 12 on both switches are also configured to be the uplink to the client network
  • A peer link needs to be established by linking ports 9 and 10 on both switches 

Important: Currently only the left-most network card is used on the 4U platforms. The card on the right is reserved for future expansion and is not available for use.

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