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QC Series 1U Networking Diagrams

⚠️ Important: The QC24, QC40, QC104, QC208, QC260, and QC360 platforms will reach their End of Platform Support (EoPS) on February 28, 2028.


  • QC Series 1U cluster
  • Network Switch that meets the following criteria:
    • 10 Gbps Ethernet
    • Fully non-blocking architecture
    • IPv6 capable
  • Compatible network cables
  • Enough ports to connect all nodes to the same switch fabric
  • One static IP per node per defined VLAN

Note: Before connecting any Qumulo-provided equipment to your network, it is always best to consult with your Network engineering team. For configuration information, see Best Practices for Networking Qumulo Clusters.


Connect to a Single Switch

The diagram below shows how to connect a four-node QC24 cluster to a single switch.

  • Each node contains two 10 Gb ports that are connected to the switch
  • Port 24 on the switch is configured to be an uplink and should be connected to the client network

Connect to Redundant Switches

The diagram below shows how to connect a four-node QC24 cluster to dual switches for redundancy.

  • The two 10 Gb ports on the nodes are connected to separate switches
  • Port 24 on both switches is configured to the be uplink to the client network.
  • A peer link needs to be established by linking ports 22 and 23 on both switches

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