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Configure your Cluster to use Jumbo Frames


Outlines how to set a custom MTU size to configure your cluster to utilize jumbo frames


  • Cluster running Qumulo Core

IMPORTANT! The suggested values of 1500 and 9000 do not include the packet overhead. Packet drop, fragmentation, or service disruption can occur if you choose an MTU that is incompatible with your networking environment. Please consult your Network Administrator before making any changes to the MTU value.


Qumulo Core provides the ability to set custom TCP Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) sizes to configure jumbo frames in the Web UI. 

  • Login to the Web UI
  • Hover over Cluster and select Network Configuration in the dropdown


  • Click Switch to Static IP


NOTE: Custom MTUs can only be set if Static IPs are used so Switch to Static IP in your Network Configuration if needed for configuration. 

  • Adjust the MTU size based on your networking environment
    • Presets for 1500 and 9000 (Jumbo Frames) MTUs are provided as well as the option for custom MTU in the Custom box.


  • Click Save once the desired value has been set 

The changes will be propagated throughout the cluster and you will be returned to the Network Configuration screen. Note that you may need to re-login for changes to take effect.


You should now be able to successfully configure your cluster to use jumbo frames by adjusting the MTU accordingly


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