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Configure your Cluster to use Jumbo Frames

This article explains how you can configure your cluster to use Jumbo Frames by setting a custom TCP Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size.


Important: The values of 1,500 MTU and 9,000 MTU that we recommend in this article don't include the packet overhead. If you configure an MTU size that is incompatible with your networking environment, packet drop, fragmentation, or service disruption can take place. Before making any changes to the MTU size, consult with your network administrator.


  1. Log in to the Web UI.
  2. Click Cluster > Network Configuration.
  3. On the Network Configuration IPv4 page, do the following.
    1. Click Switch to Static IP.
    2. Adjust the MTU size based on your networking environment.
      You can use the presets 1,500 MTU, 9,000 MTU (Jumbo Frames), or enter a custom MTU.
      Note: You can set a custom MTU only if you use a static IP.
    3. Click Save.

    Qumulo Core propagates the changes throughout your cluster and returns you to the Network Configuration IPv4 page.

  4. For your changes to take effect, log out of and log back in to the Web UI.
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