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Virtual Cluster: Create a Virtual Cluster running Qumulo Core


Outlines how to run Qumulo Core in a virtual environment

  • Install Qumulo Core OVA 
  • Create a virtual cluster


  • Software installed to run a VM
  • Qumulo Core OVA downloaded from the Try Qumulo page


Install the OVA

  • Choose File ­> Import and select the .OVA you just downloaded
  • When prompted, name the VM and save the file to your local machine
  • Once import completes, click Customize Settings > Network Adapter and choose Internet Sharing (“Share with my Mac”) or NAT mode on Windows

Do not run the VM yet. Repeat steps above three more times until you have created a total of four VMs. Once multiple VMs are running, they will automatically be discoverable and be available to add to your cluster.

Create a Virtual Cluster

  • Launch the VM(s)
  • Choose “Don’t Upgrade” if prompted “Would you like to upgrade this virtual machine?”
  • Accept the End User License Agreement and Terms of Service on any one of the nodes when prompted
  • To Create a Cluster:
    • Name the cluster
    • Select the node(s) for the cluster. If any nodes are missing, verify that the VM for the node is currently running and on the same network
    • Customize your cluster protection level (if available)
    • Provide an admin password


  • Click Create Cluster

TIP! To connect to the virtual cluster’s Web UI, enter the IP address from any of your nodes into Google Chrome browser session.


You should now be able to successfully configure and run a Qumulo Core virtual cluster


QQ CLI: Comprehensive List of Commands


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  • link now takes user to Tech Accelerator request rather than .ova requester page


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