Serving AutoFS Maps from Active Directory (AD) to AD-Bound Linux Clients Using SSSD

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    Ken Carlile

    I prefer making the nisMap for the automount / rather than the fully qualified name, along with tacking on & at the end. And you can put mount options in the nisMapEntry , and you don't need -fstype=nfs necessarily. This way it mounts the subdirectories under the export separately.

    Sorry about the formatting... 

    name nisMapName nisMapEntry
    ---- ---------- -----------
    auto.share1 auto.share1
    / auto.share1 -rw,hard,bg,intr,nfsvers=3,nolock,tcp

    name nisMapName nisMapEntry
    ---- ---------- -----------
    auto.master auto.master
    /mnt/share2 auto.master auto.share2
    /mnt/share1 auto.master auto.share1
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