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Qumulo P-Series Chassis Field Replacement Unit


Outlines how to perform a chassis swap on Qumulo P-series platforms


  • Qumulo P-series 23T, 92T, 184T, or 368T hardware
  • Replacement chassis on site
  • Phillips Head screwdriver

NOTE: Shutting down the node will cause a quorum event and put the cluster in an n-1 state. Once you finish the process and power on the new chassis, another event will occur when the node rejoins quorum. 


  • Power down the node and disconnect cabling
    • Label as needed to maintain original cable placement, especially for networking to keep the front end and back end connectivity the same


  • With help on hand, loosen the two front thumbscrews and slide the node out from the rack
  • Loosen the thumbscrews on the back of the node securing the top panel


  • Slide the top panel towards the back of the node and lift to remove
  • Slowly lift up the PCI card riser in the center of the chassis to expose the M.2 SSD boot drive; be careful to avoid pulling any of the cables that are connected to the bottom


  • Locate the M.2 SSD boot drive on the motherboard using the image below:


  • Loosen the single screw securing the SSD boot drive to remove and transfer to the empty slot on the motherboard in the replacement chassis


  • Re-position the PCI card riser in the center of the new chassis being mindful of PCI cabling along the sides
  • Remove the rack rails from the original chassis by pulling the rear of the locking tab away from the chassis while pushing the rail towards the front
  • Transfer rails to the replacement chassis
  • Install the chassis with the boot drive and rails into the rack
  • Move the front SSDs from the original node to the new chassis ensuring all drives are installed into the same slots

Qumulo P-Series 23T


Qumulo P-Series 92T, 184T, and 368T


TIP! The latch can successfully click without the drive being fully secured in the slot. Ensure the drive is fully seated in the slot and in alignment with the neighboring drives before proceeding. For additional details on moving the SSDs, reference the Qumulo P-Series Drive Field Replacement Unit article for more information.

  • Transfer the network and power cabling to the new node
  • Connect to a display, keyboard, and mouse
  • Power on the node and verify that all drive lights illuminate 


  • Press F2 on first boot and select Boot Maintenance Manager to verify/change the boot order 

NOTE: If the current IPMI settings are set statically and not via DHCP, they will need to be reapplied to each node in the cluster. Reference the IPMI Quick Reference Guide article for additional details. 


You should now be able to successfully replace a chassis on Qumulo P-series platforms


Qumulo P-Series Drive Field Replacement Unit

Qumulo P-Series Drive Diagrams

IPMI Quick Reference Guide

QQ CLI: Cluster Configuration


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