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C-72T and C-168T Drive Field Replacement Unit

⚠️ Important: The C-72T, C-168T, K-168T, and K-144T platforms will reach their End of Platform Support (EoPS) on January 30, 2028.


This article outlines how to replace drives on C-72T and C-168T platforms.


Before you begin, see C-72T, C-168T, C-192T, C-432T, and K-432T Drive Diagrams for more information about locating the drive that you want to replace.

Note: Drives on C-72T and C-168T platforms are hot-swappable and don't require a shutdown. The node can continue to operate while you replace the drives.


HDD Drive Drawer                

  1. To release the HDD drive drawer, press the drawer latch up on the front of the node.
  2. Use the handle to pull out the drive drawer.
  3. To release the lever and place it into the upright position, press the button on the front of the drive carrier.
  4. Lift the drive carrier up and away from the drive drawer.
  5. Use the lever to lower the replacement HDD into the correct drive drawer slot.
    Note: Due to changes from the manufacturer, replacement drives might have a larger capacity than the original drives in your nodes. To account for this difference, Qumulo Core uses only the portion of the replacement drive that corresponds to the size of the original drive.
  6. To slide and lock a drive into place, press the lever down.
    Important: Don't use excessive force when you lower the drive lever. To secure the drive, verify drive placement in the slot, realign the drive as necessary, and try again.
  7. Slide the drive drawer back until its latch clicks.

Front SSDs

  1. To release the carrier lock, press the blue lever on the right.
  2. To remove the carrier from its slot, slide the carrier straight out.
  3. To install the replacement SSD, slide the carrier back into the slot until it is secure.

SSD Boot Drive

The SSD boot drive is located in the lower slot on the back of the node. The drive is swappable. Before you remove the boot drive, contact for additional instructions .



QQ CLI: Cluster Configuration


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