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Launch a New Node for an Existing Qumulo Cloud Cluster in AWS


  • A Qumulo cluster in AWS running Qumulo Core 2.12.4 or above
  • AWS Console access with IAM permissions to launch instances
  • AWS account limits large enough to deploy the desired instances and volumes

NOTE: If your new node uses an older version of Qumulo Core than your cluster, the new node must be upgraded before you can add it your cluster using the steps provided in the Qumulo in AWS: Upgrade an Unconfigured Node article. Once the software version matches between the cluster and the new node, you can add the new node to your cluster using the Qumulo in AWS: Add a Node to an Existing Cloud Cluster article as a guide.


The ec2:RunInstances IAM permission is required to launch a new node for an existing Qumulo cloud cluster in AWS. 


One of the advantages of hosting your storage in the cloud is the ability to dynamically add more capacity as your storage needs increase. Starting up a new node (launching a new instance) is a simple process while adding the instance to an existing cloud cluster is even easier.

Launch a New Node

  1. Click Instances in the left-hand navigation pane on your EC2 Dashboard.


  2. Select one of your Qumulo instances as shown in the image above.
  3. Click Actions, hover over Image and templates, and select Create template from instance.


  4. Enter a name for the Launch template.
  5. Verify the new node settings match the original instance's Availability Zone, VPC, Subnet, Security Group, Instance Type, SSH key and Tags.
  6. Click Create launch template.
  7. Click Launch instance from this template.


  8. Specify the template name you entered in Step 4. 
  9. Click Launch instance from template.

NOTE: Record the IP address and Instance ID of the new instance. The IP address is used when adding nodes to an existing cluster.

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