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C-192T, C-432T, K-432T Drive Field Replacement Unit

⚠️ Important: The C-72T, C-168T, K-168T, and K-144T platforms will reach their End of Platform Support (EoPS) on January 30, 2028.


Before you begin, see locate that the drive that you want to replace.


HDD Drive Drawer                

  1. To expose the HDDs, press the drawer latch on the front of the node and pull on the drive drawer handle.
  2. Insert replacement drives into the drawer, connector side first.
    • When the drive drawer is full, it is very heavy. Adding extra weight (for example, leaning or resting tools on the drawer) can cause the rails to deform.
    • To avoid scraping drives because of low clearance between the drawers, pull out one drive drawer at a time and don't apply vertical force to the drawer.
    • If the drive drawer feels stuck, don't use force. Instead, correct the level of the drawer to allow it to pass over the drives underneath.
  3. Confirm that all HDDs are seated firmly in the drive drawer.
  4. Push the drive drawer until its latch clicks.

Rear NVMe Drives

Use the purple latch to remove an existing NVMe drive.

SSD Boot Drive

The SSD boot drive is located inside the node. Before you remove the boot drive, contact for additional instructions .



C-72T, C-168T, C-192T, C-432T, and K-432T Drive Diagrams

QQ CLI: Cluster Configuration


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