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Re-Establishing Replication in Qumulo Core


To Re-Establish Replication

After you copy your data to the target directory on the primary cluster, you can continue to use the new replication relationship. You can also re-establish the original replication direction.

  1. In the Web UI of your primary cluster, click Cluster > Replication.
  2. To prepare for reversing the relationship a second time, on the Replication Relationships page, under Actions, click Screen_Shot_2022-02-24_at_6.19.26_PM.png > Make Target Writable.
  3. To make the primary cluster become the source cluster, when the relationship is disconnected, click Screen_Shot_2022-02-24_at_6.19.26_PM.png > Reverse Relationship...
  4. In the Web UI of your secondary cluster, find the reversed relationship listing with the original direction.
  5. Reconfigure your original blackout windows.
  6. (Optional) Map local user or group IDs associated with NFS ID configuration in the relationship.
  7. Click Screen_Shot_2022-02-24_at_6.19.26_PM.png > Reconnect Relationship...
  8. Remount all clients that were previously connected to the secondary cluster and that require access to the primary cluster.
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